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Five Easy Ideas to pick out your Christmas Greeting Cards

Five Easy Ideas to pick out your Christmas Greeting Cards
As summer draws to a close thoughts often turn to the holiday season. Sure, it is still warm and the leaves haven't begun to turn, but one cannot help but be a little apprehensive about planning for the upcoming holidays. Getting a head start on selecting your holiday cards may be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but there are a lot of reasons to begin tackling this job now. Found below are five points that will help you select your Christmas cards.

With the growth of social media platforms, it may seem that most of your family and close friends know what is going on in your life. While this may be true, there is something special about receiving a hand-written greeting card during the Christmas season. It certainly takes more of an effort, but it gives you an occasion to discuss your news in a far more affectionate way that is generally not conceivable with social networking sites. I am inclined to believe that it is distinction between browsing through a news blast and having a chat. The news that is being exchanged may be the same, but a thoughtful Christmas greeting card strikes me as a more personal conversation. Nurturing that conversation is its own beautiful gift during the Christmas season and many who are sent your Christmas card will cherish the fact that you have taken time from your daily schedule to communicate with them.

Choose Early and Save money
Savvy buyers recognize that shopping for Christmas cards during the Summer and early Fall is a sure way to spend less. Nearly all printers don't really gear up for the holiday season until the first week of November. In order to stimulate buyers to shop early, many printers offer very special promotions which can help save anywhere from 10% to 50% which can result in significant savings. Moreover, by taking advantage of these seasonal promotions you save the emotional stress of doing it at the last minute. While many people will begin their search on the internet, it is generally a good idea to vist your local stationer store. Many of these retailers have terrific specials through the end of September and you can feel comfortable that you are working with vendors that have been properly screened. For those that shop online, it is often best to skip the ones showing the largest discount promotion since print quality is likely to be suspect. Check around and make note of two or three companies with a good selection of greeting cards..

Make use of Online Help
If ordering your Christmas cards on the web, it is generally best to decide on a firm that provides human help. While some organizations may have a chat box and email support, others can be reached by calling a 1-800 number. While purchasing a holiday card online may seem uncomplicated, there are normally many selections to pick from and it is easy to become disappointed trying to get through many of the options. When uncertain simply email or call support and ask for the assistance you require. Do not be embarrassed, most reliable firms are able to help and those that don't really should be avoided.

The Etiquette of the Holiday Greeting
Most firms offer a selection of custom greetings and a few enable you to create your own. In general, it is best to pick a standard greeting since you can see the font style and spacing which will be used on your card. When personalizing the greeting card with your name and address, it is recommended that if you have more than two children, the children's names go on a second line. The father's given name needs to be next to the family name if you feel it is necessary to include the family name. As an example, Jane and John Doe would be appropriate way to structure the greeting.

Exchanging Holiday Greetings and Political Correctness
A very sensitive subject is whether you might offend someone by using "Merry Christmas" in a greeting card that you send to friends who may well not share your religious views. Some years ago this may have been a concern, but most people now think that the precise wording of the greeting is less important than the sentiment of exchanging a personal letter. In other words, one should not feel obligated to use Happy Holidays if you prefer to use Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah within your greeting card.

Greeting Cards and Photo Cards
Photo cards continue to be popular, but there is a tendency to revert to more conventional holiday greeting cards. The reasons behind these changes are many, but one suspects that there are simply too many family photos circulating in social media. In fact, many families choose to spotlight the religious signficance of the season rather than send a photograph of their family. Most printing companies offer both traditional holiday cards and photo card options so select the one that best feels like a fit.

If you can order your holiday greeting cards before the end of September, you will find yourself on the right track to getting your holiday properly organized. Do spend some time to write a personal note on each Christmas card to let your distant friends and family know that you care.

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