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thechronologicalsuperman: Metropolis Football Team...


Metropolis Football Team...


Metropolis Football Team Poisoned
Adventures of Superman Radio Serial - September


As advertised on the tin, the Metropolis Football Team is indeed Poisoned – more specifically, it’s the local university’s college team, and the act of deadly sabotage seems to have been committed to cheat the school out of important funds needed to research infantile paralysis (one of the Superman team’s pet causes, back in the day).  There’s a three million dollar inheritance owed the school, you see, but they have to raise half a million on their own to earn it, and the team needs to get to the Rose Bowl because  the ticket sales, you see, but … well, listen, it’s complicated.

Suffice it to say that finding the cure requires Superman to head down to Central America and wrestle a few headhunters and giant snakes, as one will. Having ingested the antidote, the team is up, at’em, going to the Rose Bowl and earning an inheritance that’ll benefit modern science. Wait, did I mention that Superman also fights a gorilla named Hercules? It’s a little all over the map, this one…

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